Xujiahui Air Promenade

Project Date
Shanghai, China
Architectural Designer
MADA s.p.a.m.
Team Members
Qingyun Ma, Sunny Chen, Michael Wacht, Russell Gould

At the crossroads of one of Shanghai’s busiest intersections lies 3 metro lines, 7 roads, an urban park, and Shanghai’s highest grossing shopping district.

The problem created by the congestion has manifested itself solely by impeding pedestrian life. There are few ways to safely cross the street, and a warren of underground passages built in succession do little to ease the flow of shoppers and nearby citizens. We created an elevated promenade centered above the boulevard median, to connect the various malls, the ground surface, the urban fabric, and the metro system.


Urban Landscape

Conical curved columns allow light to filter through

Alleys and underutilized plaza areas are incorporated to produce a better street life and storefront retail areas. Program along the promenade creates a place to stay, to meet, and to stroll.


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