Tenmile River Master Plan

A new model of urban-rural living in the Hudson Valley

Project Date
Wassaic, NY
Lead Designer
Cooper Robertson
Client Team
L&M, BFC Partners, WCDP
Development Cost
HR&A Advisors, Situ Studio, RANGE

Located along a New York City commuter rail line and spanning 500 acres, the Tenmile River Master Plan transforms a decommissioned state psychiatric campus into a vibrant new Hudson Valley community.

In response to a public Request for Proposals led by Empire State Development (ESD), Cooper Robertson was selected to lead this transformative master planning project, in collaboration with an experienced development team including L&M, BFC Partners, and locally-based entrepreneurs the Wassaic Community Development Project (WCDP). Initially begun in 2017, our team is now working Phase 1 implementation as part ESD's General Project Plan approval process. I currently lead this project under Cooper Robertson's Director of Urban Design.

Primary Responsibilites:

  • Site planning and concept design
  • Project Designer / Project Manager for Phase 1.
  • Existing building assessments for adaptive reuse.
  • Consultant/client coordination.
  • Coordination with ESD on General Project Plan (GPP).


A transit-oriented destination easily reachable by car or train:


Rural Regeneration

The master plan is rooted in a design and placemaking strategy that bridges the powerful economies of metropolitan areas with rural communities in need of investment

With a focus on introducing job-generating uses, a diversity of housing types, educational opportunities, and transit-level densities, the master plan blurs the rural and urban divide through a deep integration of architecture and landscape.

Over 300-acres of woodlands, waterfront areas and stunning views of the river valley are preserved and improved for the benefit of residents and the surrounding community. Existing buildings on the site will also be preserved and repurposed with new programs. Extensive art and cultural programming will further activate the site and contribute to its unique sense of place and community.